How to buy LoL Wins Boost (ELO) Boosting? Please select your Current Rank, Select Queue, Number of Wins, also enter your summoner name and user name, password, selecting the server.


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The encrypted and secure system we use to log our boosters into your account will never allow anyone but you, the account owner, to see the actual account information when logging in. This provides a full-proof level of security and peace of mind that our competitors do not offer. As part of our code of conduct, our boosters are not allowed to “Add Friends” or even touch your IP/RP. As a rule of thumb your order will usually take 8-24 hours for each 100-200 LP. PayPal supports credit cards, bank cards, etc. We have a team of 200 boosters.
PS: If you are a regular customer (purchased customer) please feel free to contact the online customer service to obtain the coupon code.

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Bronze V, Bronze IV, Bronze III, Bronze II, Bronze I, Silver V, Silver IV, Silver III, Silver II, Silver I, Gold V, Gold IV, Gold III, Gold II, Gold I, Platinum V, Platinum IV, Platinum III, Platinum II, Platinum I, Diamond V, Diamond IV, Diamond III, Diamond II, Diamond I

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Flex Queue, Solo Queue

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5 Wins, 10 Wins, 15 Wins, 20 Wins


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