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Why you should use ELO Boosting in League of Legends?

As a player in competitive games, the chances are that you have heard about boosting. While the term might be commonplace, many gamers don't know the importance of boosting. But first, what is boosting? Boosting in this context means to improve your chances of winning a game by playing a ranked match with an experienced…
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League of Legends is an internet-based game that allows players to submerge themselves into a world filled with lively battles and mind-boggling strategy. The online community is the largest online gaming community with tens of millions of players. Players in the game have a main goal of advancing their character through battles and strategic moves…
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League of Legends implementing tiered league system

League of Legends has already made significant changes to their gameplay, but now it appears Riot Games has more huge plans for the start of Season 3. It appears that Riot will be updating League's entire ranked ladder system, taking heavy inspiration from StarCraft II's tiered leagues. While the matchmaking system behind the ladders won't…
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