NA LOL July 9 test suit: Tristana enhances multiple rune changes

Model modification

Domineering Swords

Added flag-shaped wings

Hero change

July 4th test suit: small cannon to strengthen multiple runes to change Merlin gunner Cristina

Explosion spark (E)

Blue consumption is adjusted from full level 60 to 50/55/60/65/70 (formal service is 70/75/80/85/90)

The cooling time is adjusted from 16/15/14/13/12 seconds to 16/15.5/15/14.5/14 seconds of the official service.

Equipment change

Berserker Armor

The total price is adjusted from 1000 to 1100 in formal service.


岚之锋: The critical strike rate of damage increased from 1%/1.5% to 1%/0.75%

Rune change

Ghost Phil (Master 3)


After entering the grass, your jewelry bar will be replaced with a ghost

Use the Ghosts to be placed in your current location, providing you with a view of up to 300 seconds until you place a new ghost

If you or your ghost is in the enemy's territory, get 5-20AD or AP (adaptive, level based)

If the enemy enters the grass where the Ghosts are, they will scare it away and let the rune enter the 60 second cooldown.

Zombie Guard (Master 3)


After participating in the killing of a guard, the guard’s position will raise a friendly zombie guard.

In addition, whenever you kill a guard, you will deal an additional 30-90 magic damage (on a level) the next time you deal damage to an enemy hero.

The zombie guard is not invisible, lasts 120 seconds and is not counted within your guard limit.

Greedy Hunter / Spiritual Hunter / Ruthless Hunter / Ultimate Hunter (Dominator 4)

[New] Each layer of bounty hunter provides 80 gold coins (provided only a bug in the text description)

Designer talk

Track rune

Today we are going to talk about two new versions of the tracking runes: zombie guards and ghosts. From the internal data, we found that the two runes were too low in comparison to the eyeball collector. To make matters worse, these two runes are not effective in the game and perform below average.

To solve this problem, we decided to improve the usability of the ghosts and add damage to the two runes.

There aren't many changes to the zombie guards. Clearing the enemy's guards (or controlling the enemy guards to make them clear by controlling the flowers of the guards and astrologers) will generate a zombie guard at that location. The duration of this zombie guard is currently fixed at 120 seconds instead of level 30-120 seconds.

In addition, after clearing the guard, you will deal an additional 30-90 magic damage (based on level) to the next level of the enemy's heroes. This damage may be triggered in the middle of the game because you will transform and control through the gods. The guards are constantly arranging.

Finally, your guard will no longer generate zombie guards after death, and we feel that it is more interesting to encourage others to be excluded than to let their vision last longer.

Hunting rune

Changes to the hunting runes are accidentally uploaded to the PBE and do not really get gold coins.


We are likely to be officially on the 8.14 version with changes to W, although the values are still being adjusted.

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