8.17 version: snowfield Gemini comes to the Western magic line.

LOL 8.17 is officially launched - the redone Snow Gemini pushes a huge snowball toward the Summoner Canyon; the new experimental mode of extreme flash is still in hot testing; the two themes of "The West Magic Shadow" and "The Jade Sword Legend" are featured in a stunning debut.


Let's have a snow fight! Snowfield twins descend to Summoner Canyon

In the exploration of the snowfield in the north, he finally met the legendary Snowman monster, whelp. The Snowman who took the responsibility of guarding the snowstone did not see malice in the boy's eyes. Instead, the same sadness and loneliness made them the best playmates. Now, this pair of snowy Gemini is going through another adventure. I do not know how important I am for the world.


Click to see snowfield's Gemini mystery "(http://lol.qq.com/act/a20180815snowgemini/index.html).


High energy early warning! The biggest snowball ever to hit, this one, will give Nunu and Willomp an excellent starting hand, which they have previously lost. Rolling a snowball out of the other side's field of vision, or when the opponent lacks the means to escape, is almost an irresistible steady shot - plus the huge output of his teammates, the enemy is sure to lose the battle. In the wilderness, snowballs give Nununu and Willomp great mobility, so start some ganks that can't keep their ears shut.

Snowy Gemini and North

After the redoing, there was not much change in the heroic position between the north and the West. In a battlefield, they need to create as much trouble as possible for their opponents on the basis of ensuring that their core location is in an output environment. In this process, the accuracy of control skill release will be particularly important.


The devil is coming!

"The devil is around us." Lucian, Hammerstone, and Ergart incarnate the demons in the sands of the West, waiting for the next to come to hell to "die" - the Western Shadows of the Alliance of Heroes 2018 series skin is now overbearing

From now on, the summoners can choose to buy skin noumenon, or include heroes, skin, loaded borders, icons, including the soul-seeking version, or in the soul-seeking version on the basis of the addition of colorful skin lost soul suit, you can also participate in the magic shadow hiding activities to win the Western magic shadow theme skin, unlock any of the theme skin, but also You can get 1 cards of 7th anniversary combat night activities directly.

Shadowless sword dance into fairy jade sword legend series skin

Two pieces of jade sword legend skin have been officially put on the shelves for sale. From September 4 to September 24, people can choose skin noumenon, imperial sword flying immortal version, or jade sword legend gift bag to buy according to different needs. Successful purchase will also unlock a 7th anniversary battle night activity card.

Legend of jade sword Wu Jianxian

Legend of jade sword

Alliance of Heroes" 8.17 version is now on line, Snow Gemini back with a giant snowball redo, a number of exquisite theme skin online, like their summoner, do not miss!


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