LOL all kinds of heroes are playing! Who is the most missing hero of the game?

Since the mid season version, all kinds of ghost gods and snake heroes have begun to appear.


From the beginning of the happy wind men, iron men and other heroes appeared on the way, to the later warriors and mages in large numbers, and then to the big head such a black science and technology, it can be said that this summer season began a variety of heroes suddenly have the possibility of landing. Recently, monkeys who haven't played for years have appeared in the middle road. This is a lot of old players who had never wanted to think before.


But, after all, LOL has so many heroes, even if many heroes have the possibility of playing, there are still some heroes so cold that we can hardly see their hopes of playing.



So today's question is, who is the most unlikely hero for LOL to play?




This may be the first reaction of many players. After all, it has been a mascot for so many years. From the perspective of heroic mechanism, this hero's trick is really difficult to play in the professional competition that pays attention to the vision, so it is also reasonable to be difficult to come on stage.





This hero is good at everything. It's just a drawback -- it's easy to fly a kite. Although Feng Liu Di had triggered a wave of fever, he was soon cut off by his fist. But to say that the hero is difficult to match, it seems not so right, because in June this year, it was actually in LCS, but didn't win the game, and then no more. Who would be the next team to try the hero?




The hero appeared last year, but no fighter is willing to choose this hero in the current version. Akari is actually an old assassin, but because of the lack of ability to line, it's hard to get on the stage. But I heard that the hero Akari will soon do it again. I wonder if Akari will have the chance to make it when he restarts.





Before and after redoing, he seems to have been a black technology, whether it is a hero or a hero of a line or a regiment, but it seems that most of the battles are not very good at the hero. In February of this year, he went on the scene once, but it seems difficult to survive in the current edition.



Of course, the above is just a small cup of their own "feeling", so absolutely not accurate, the hero alliance has a lot of heroes, so who do you think the smallest hero is the probability of playing?

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