LOL character redo will be as new as a knife girl

As Izrear's redo work is coming to an end, Reav3, the head of the hero team, recently revealed a lot of details about the changes in Izerel at the North American Forum.



As we all know, this time Izelel's redo, although it is a VGU level update, but the main improvement is the appearance, including the model, special effects, particles and the art of the original painting. As for the changes in the skill set, only W skills may be redone. Some players are curious, and the extent of this re-creation of Izrel is updated on the existing model, or re-made the model.

Reav3 responded to this question. He said that the hero team is rebuilding the model of Izerel from scratch. We will see a new Yizerel, instead of the current model, which means redoing. The latter Izrell may be similar to Aria, retaining only some of the old features, and the other features are completely different.



Moreover, Reav3 also revealed that Izrell will have a brand new equipment, it seems that Ijellel's gloves may also be updated, after all, Ijerre's redo, his background story will also be Some adjustments. There are players who ask if the future warrior Izzeril skin will be completely redone, and Reav3's answer is yes.

In fact, Izerel's setting is a male protagonist who prefers Japanese anime style. Some players ask the designer whether Izel will become very western after redoing. Reav3 denied this statement. He said that although the hero team has re-doed Izrier, they did not intend to change the overall theme of Izerel, but only modernized changes and adjustments. He is still the image of the big boy who is cute and cute. This is the core position of Yzeri, so they will keep it.



Therefore, the player does not have to worry that after Izurere redo, it will become a brave man with a well-developed chest or a full-body armor. Izerel is the image of the brave and adventurer who can often be seen in Japanese anime. The division will also keep this for redo, and we can still see a handsome Iser Real, still as lively and lovely as ever.

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