LOL in the middle of the road to kill God Tianke brush, NA server new darling in the single Akali

After experiencing the changes of several versions, some brush mage in the middle of the road slowly got the trend of rising. These mage stabilized and developed in the early stage, and they can take over the game very smoothly in the middle and late stages. In order to restrain these heroes, the hanbok players re-developed a hero who has faded out of the people's field of vision. This is the middle single Akali. In the new version, the winning percentage of Zhongcao Akali has reached the third place in the middle road. It can be said that it is already the hottest darling in the middle. Let's take a look at the gameplay of Zhonglu Akali.

Akali is a legal assassin with excellent rush and second ability. Before the sixth grade, Akali mainly focused on the development of the knife. After the sixth level, Akali will produce qualitative changes, and multiple stages of rushing skills will produce superior lethality. Why can Akali become a popular version without strengthening? The root cause lies in the change of the food chain in the middle. Many brush masters return to the middle. The most typical representatives are snake women and bombers. There are also heroes like the dead songs and ice birds on the field. The rise of a single means that excellent assassins are needed to suppress their development. Akali was born for this purpose. You can see that in Hanbok, Akali’s most restrained heroes are brush-type masters.

Of course, Zhongcao Akali is not invincible. In the middle of the road, these three heroes are very restrained from Akali. As the version with the highest winning percentage, the monkey has a strong explosive ability in the early stage, which makes the pre-emptive Akali very difficult to deal with. Glory is also a medium-sized single in the early stage. The backhand Q skills can make Akali's R skills be locked in the air. The grasshopper has a strong fixed-point control after the sixth level, and can easily kill Akali with the wilderness. In general, Akali needs to avoid the enemy's strong heroes in the early stage of weakness, and then avoid a set of spikes after being controlled by the enemy. After the equipment is up, these heroes Akali can easily deal with

The strength of Akali is in the middle of the sixth grade. The most ideal situation is to establish an advantage in the line period. With its own high explosion, it will quickly drive the rhythm, roll up the snowball, and end the game directly in more than 20 minutes. Once dragged to the late stage, Akali's own outbreak is still very high, but after the opponent has a resurrection or a Central Asian hourglass, Akali is not good for the second person. Akali is very suitable for small-scale team battles, which can be easily harvested. However, in the large-scale group battles in the later period, the entry requirements for Akali itself will be very high. Therefore, Akali tried to play an advantage on the line or walked many times in the previous period, pursuing the end of the game in the medium term.

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