LOL NA Test clothes * Troll pig sister is being cut again.

* the pig sister has cut the E damage in the 8.18 version of PBE update, and this time it has weakened the two deceleration of the big move. The original deceleration duration is 3S, and the designer cuts it directly into 1S.
Pig sister * this cut is a bit puzzling, is the selection rate is too high? Is the winning rate too high? Or is it too strong? The 8.16 version of the pig girl * ranked twentieth in all the field heroes, and 8.17 in the twenty-fourth place.
And trolls play better than pigs *, and they can see trolls playing in matches.

Before, the designer weakened the casting distance of the troll post and changed it in the latest changes.

You can see that the cost of the cast distance is that the cooling level of the column has been increased by two seconds, and the early deceleration effect has been greatly cut, the first column only half the original deceleration effect.


The troll * and the pig sister were so weakened by the designers that the support for the field was basically gone. The fields of the blind men's guns and the Qinggang were occupied by the mainstream. Whether it is the attendance rate or the winning rate, * pig sisters and trolls have lost their competitiveness with other fields.

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