Monthly Archives: September 2018

lol Swift Scout is the fourth permanent free hero.

Today, on the 7th anniversary of the Alliance of Heroes, the Alliance of Heroes officially announced that Timothy, the swift scout, became the 4th permanent free hero of the Alliance of Heroes, and that he, along with Ash, Galen, and Retz, could be used permanently by all summoners. The 8.17 edition of Alliance of Heroes…
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8.17 version: snowfield Gemini comes to the Western magic line.

LOL 8.17 is officially launched - the redone Snow Gemini pushes a huge snowball toward the Summoner Canyon; the new experimental mode of extreme flash is still in hot testing; the two themes of "The West Magic Shadow" and "The Jade Sword Legend" are featured in a stunning debut.   Let's have a snow fight!…
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LOL NA Test clothes * Troll pig sister is being cut again.

* the pig sister has cut the E damage in the 8.18 version of PBE update, and this time it has weakened the two deceleration of the big move. The original deceleration duration is 3S, and the designer cuts it directly into 1S. Pig sister * this cut is a bit puzzling, is the selection…
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