Monthly Archives: August 2018

LOL character redo will be as new as a knife girl

As Izrear's redo work is coming to an end, Reav3, the head of the hero team, recently revealed a lot of details about the changes in Izerel at the North American Forum.     As we all know, this time Izelel's redo, although it is a VGU level update, but the main improvement is the…
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LOL Assassin’s end is coming? Multiple damage runes are weakened

The Alliance community seems to be accusing the game of some problems. In the spring, the problem they discussed was "You can't play the game by yourself." The fist then strengthens the assassin, bursting damage and igniting skills. Now, this voice seems to have disappeared in the next few months, and no one will discuss…
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August 1 NA Server: Ba Tian Long Wang Grab Star Ai Xi Skin

Outgoing equipment Only one out door can be purchased. Dolan series, wild equipment, and auxiliary equipment are all calculated. The continued attributes of Dolan equipment (life stealing, mana regeneration, life regeneration) will be significantly enhanced. Add a lost golem called Dolan, prepared for the guardian. Auxiliary equipment adjustment, the shield of the sacred object was…
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