August 1 NA Server: Ba Tian Long Wang Grab Star Ai Xi Skin

Outgoing equipment

Only one out door can be purchased. Dolan series, wild equipment, and auxiliary equipment are all calculated.

The continued attributes of Dolan equipment (life stealing, mana regeneration, life regeneration) will be significantly enhanced.

Add a lost golem called Dolan, prepared for the guardian.

Auxiliary equipment adjustment, the shield of the sacred object was renamed the heart of the giant peak, the ancient coins were renamed the sage medal, and the blade of the stealing was removed. These gears are stronger than the Summoner's Canyon but cannot be upgraded.

The task of assistive equipment requires removal.

Control the guard to remove.

Playing wild

The enemy field has a defensive tower and is invincible. So don't try to kill it, your partner will laugh at you.

If the wild monster is killed by multiple heroes, it will generate 150% of the experience and gold coins to the heroes involved in the killing (now the Summoner Canyon will gain 100% experience and gold coins when acquired alone).

The wild equipment is simplified, the talisman and the wide blade are merged into the sword of the stalker of the proud, and the enchantment can be carried out in the following.

After the enchantment is upgraded, it will provide deep cold punishment and some ordinary bonuses.

The "Wild Hunter" mechanism was removed.

The red and blue buff is now at the center of the map and is much stronger. After the kill, you will get an enhanced version of the buff and provide it to the two heroes who have caused damage to them.

The Canyon Pioneer is stronger and will provide Big Dragon buff and Canyon Pioneer for 2 minutes.

Big Dragon buff will only add bonus to the creeps and will not provide AD/AP.

with full force

When several kills/assistances are obtained in a row without being killed, the firepower is fully opened.

Full firepower provides 20% attack speed, 20-200 adaptive properties (based on level), large cooling reduction (not counting the cooling reduction limit), 20 mana per second / energy, and damage increased by 25%.

Firepower can be continued all the time, but it will end when it is killed. It will provide 800+ gold coins for killing and 200+ gold coins for each teammate.

Events and rewards

Random events occur every 2-3 minutes on average.

Winning in an event will provide the winner with a random reward.

Many events provide an additional bonus to the winner in addition to the reward.

The final event will appear in the 18th minute of the game with the best rewards.

Gold coin sharing

The death of the creeps and wild monsters (whether or not they made a final blow) will share 30% of the coins to the team. For example, if a gunner is worth 100, everyone will get 30 when they die.

The person who made the final blow will still receive the full amount of gold coins (and experience). So if you kill 100 gunners, you can still get 100.

New (old) equipment

Some of the equipment that everyone likes returns in this way:

Regal's lamp


Ghost Scimitar

Blood veil


Bungee Spear

Atama's liquidation

Force of nature

(The heart of gold and the stone of the sage are also returned, see the door out)

Full picture aura

+30% summoner skill cooldown

+30% base mana value response


Can surrender 4-1 votes in 8 minutes


The following runes have been adjusted on this map:

The cooling time of the blood taste (master line 2) was reduced from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.

The time of the stealing warning (Enlightenment 1) is reduced from 15 minutes to 6 minutes at the drop rate, and the time point of the previous curve increase is reduced from 8 drops to 4 drops.

The available time for the Magical Shoes (Enlightenment 2) is reduced from 10 minutes to 6 minutes.

The time to convert the perfect timing (Enlightenment 2) to the stopwatch is reduced from 10 minutes to 4 minutes.

The available time for the creeper (Enlightenment 3) is reduced from 4 minutes to 3 minutes.

The biscuit dispensing time (Enlightenment 3) was reduced from 3 minutes to 1.5 minutes.

Immortal grip (Resolute 1) The health of each trigger increases from 5 to 10 (remote from 3 to 6)

The available time for adjustment (Resolute 3) was reduced from 10 minutes to 6 minutes.

Overgrowth (Resolute 4) The health of each layer increased from 0.2% to 0.3%.

The level required for Transcendental (Witchcraft 3) is reduced from 10 to 6.

The cooling time of the anxious (Witchcraft 4) is reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.

Storm gathering (Witchcraft 4) reduces the time of each upgrade from 10 minutes to 4 minutes.

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