LOL NA server Analyze blind change: Medium is more able to carry

Although the top players will choose the combination of [Soul Hunter] plus [Stars Insight] to keep their ornaments cool for a cooldown, so that the blinds return to a "just ready to play" position, but compared to other top In the wild, especially the current heroes such as the Millennium and Nightmare, the situation of blindness is still not optimistic.

Recently, in the test suit, the fist made some interesting changes to the hero of the blind, which made the blind scorpion have more stable power, but also brought some shortcomings.

Blind Q skills - also one of the most important sources of blindness, now cause higher damage as the target's health is reduced, and damage is increased by up to 100%. In the past, although the blind Q did not have this effect, it could cause an additional damage equivalent to 8% of the target's lost health.

Specific changes

Blind Li Qing

Q-day sound wave / echo hit

The base damage for Q1 and Q2 is adjusted from 55/85/115/145/175 (+0.9AD) to 50/75/100/125/150 (+1.0AD).

Q2 no longer causes damage equal to 8% of the target's lost health.

Q2 deals higher damage to low-blood enemies, up to 100%, and the maximum damage of Q2 is 100/150/200/250/300 (+2.0AD).

First of all, this means that in the early and early stages of the game, the blind Q can no longer cause a lot of additional damage to the low-health target as before, but since this change, the additional value of the AD damage bonus will also be The new effects doubled, so after entering the middle of the game, the blind Q-kill damage will increase dramatically - which means that if the blind lead in the early stage, then he will have higher damage in the medium term, It has gained a stronger ability to carry, and the new version of the special effects has also improved the blind snowball ability to some extent.

Through simple calculations, we can see that this change in blind blizzard has two disadvantages:

1. Level 1 Q skill When hitting a hero or large monster with a life value below 10%, the damage will be reduced compared to the previous one.

2, 2 paragraphs Q in the late stage of damage to the pure meat type high blood volume tank will be reduced.

In addition, the changes in Q skills can almost be said to be strengthened. We can think that this time the fist change is to take away some of the combat power of the previous level, and instead to greatly improve the combat power from the middle to the late stage - After the revision, a well-developed blind man is likely to help the team win the game in 20 minutes.

The above changes are still in the test service, there is still the possibility of being adjusted, the specific changes will be launched in the 8.15 official service version.

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