LOL Assassin’s end is coming? Multiple damage runes are weakened

The Alliance community seems to be accusing the game of some problems. In the spring, the problem they discussed was "You can't play the game by yourself." The fist then strengthens the assassin, bursting damage and igniting skills.

Now, this voice seems to have disappeared in the next few months, and no one will discuss this issue. Now, new scapegoats are coming, they are overwhelming in the forums and Reddit. If you have seen it, then you will definitely feel the anger of the players.

Now, players are complaining that the damage in the game is too high. Then, ironically, the fist quickly responded with today's weakening. More specifically, the tools for breaking out damage are largely weakened.

The weakening direction is mainly runes, including electric shock, anxiety and sudden shock. Not only that, but the damage of the curtain will also be weakened. After these changes are brought online, the blade and the passive passive will be changed to the only passive, so you can only use one.

There is no detail in the damage of the curtain and the cut, but the change of the rune has entered the test suit. The base damage and bonus damage of the electric shock are weakened, but in exchange, the cooling time is reduced a lot. Other changes are more straightforward and are straightforwardly weakened. The additional armor piercing and spell penetration that slammed were weakened, and the damage of the anxious halved (note: CD halved).

So, compared to the assassin enhancements of the previous March, the fist now hopes that the assassin will do less damage. This is not terribly bad, although it is a bit confusing. If you are not a fan of the Tank League, you may have to be careful because it may come back after these things are over.

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