LOL: NA is the strongest Monkey King, learn these techniques, 1Q direct spike enemy crispy!

The monkey is a hero with very good control ability. With the talent of electrocution and his own armored equipment, almost one Q can kill the enemy's crisp skin. The debut rate of monkeys in the national dress is also relatively high. Although it is difficult to see in professional games, it is very easy to see in the passers-by. Recently, the monkey has a new skin, whether it is a model or a special effect is very good. Therefore, Xiao Bian specially pondered for the players who like monkeys a game that is very suitable for scoring monkeys.
The monkeys are pursuing explosions and spikes. Monkeys with high damage are generally open and close to the enemy. Speed ​​is also a feature. Electrocution can break out of its own damage; a sudden impact can improve its ability to break armor; eyeballs can increase one's ability to improve skills; ruthless hunters can improve their speed; quickly increase their speed, improve the ability to enter; Water walking can improve your support ability.
Out of the box, the monkey tries to make a blue wild knife when he first returns home. A lot of domestic players are direct synthetic warriors and wild knives, but the king's outer player is the first to make a curtain because it can improve. The ability of the monkey to burst, so the curtain is the core equipment of the monkey. After the curtains were finished, they chose to play wild knives and shoes to see each other's lineup. There was no need to do speed shoes. The wild monkeys are not relying on the support of blood, but rely on their own bursts of damage to carry out the spike.

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