27/5000 6 Yuè 30 rì lol us cèshì fú:8.13 Shì yīgè sān zhōu bǎnběn June 30 lol us: 8.13 is a three week version

Model modification

Dark American Sword Magic

Still in an unfinished state, it can be turned on or off by ctrl+5
Sea Stone Trident (W)

Cooldown reduced from 18/1716/15/14 seconds to 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds

The time for the cooling time to start counting is adjusted from the start of casting to the end of BUFF


Increased BUFF AP Addition from 0.25 to 0.3

Duration reduced from 6 seconds to 5 seconds

Equipment change

Berserker Armor

Total price reduced from 1100 to 1000

Fighting gloves

The total price has been reduced from 600 to 400.


The synthetic route changed to Stormwind Sword + Crossbow + Sword + Stiletto

Designer talk

8.13 is a three-week version

In order to synchronize our version time with the rest of the year, we need to make a three-week patch, so 8.13 will last for 3 weeks. This means that 8.14 will last longer in the PBE, and the later version will be as usual, just a week late. But in order to reduce the interval between balance adjustments, we will have a small patch called 8.13b in the middle of the 8.14 test cycle, just like the 7.24b we did last year. The specific details of this patch will be announced next week, mainly including some balanced changes that cannot be delayed.

Q: Is there a plan to make changes to the crit interaction between Ai Xi and Xia? How is the strengthening effect of the kinks and cannons?

A: We will continue to adjust the ADC equipment and the weaker heroes later, but Xia and Eich are unlikely to appear in the next round of changes. Trix and rats looked very good after the last boost, and the cannons were still less optimistic.

Q: What is the strengthening effect of Yatox, will there be any other changes after that?

A: His situation after the hot patch is basically in line with our expectations for his initial release. Will continue to observe his performance after player proficiency increases, and then re-evaluate next week. If he is still struggling next week, he may do some strengthening at 8.13b.

Q: What's the idea about Millennium? Her winning rate has improved a lot. Is there a plan to adjust male guns?

A: We seem to have overstretched the Millennium, but for the time being we have not weakened the plan. Male guns are also plans that have not been further weakened.

Q: Do you have some plans for crit equipment instead of the hero itself?

A: We are considering adjusting the chopping and fighting gloves.

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