Lol New Endless and Passive Coincidence

In the most recent version of the LOL changes, the greatest extent should be the endless edge of the equipment, from the point of view of the property, this equipment directly canceled the original crit rate, changed the crit rate doubled, and will Converts 15% crit damage caused by a hero into real damage. It is precisely because of the change of this equipment that the winning rate of the ad hero who previously survived the crit flow gradually decreases, so the current non-crit flow ad becomes The way to go!

The new version of the endless on-line problem has also led to the problem that Yatsuo's hero's dominance has become lower. Because this new attribute is the same as Yasso's passiveness, it is very likely that Yasuo will be slightly redone in the future. This sentence is not groundless, he said in a comment from North American fist designer Blaustoise who replied:

In the earlier period, he did weaken a bit. He is the hero with the most falling percentage in this version. Now he only has a winning percentage of 42-45%, which depends on the over-stretching factors caused by the segment.

For this fist in the follow-up hot patch, Yasso's Q skill crit damage was increased from 150% to 180%. After that the designer continued to say that the follow-up will strengthen him, although it has been strengthened a lot, but The versions may have more enhancements, and may be adjusted to pass the crit passive and the Passive Passive.

This also seems to confirm the previous assumptions. When the new version is endlessly on the line, Yasso urgently needs a new passive to maintain his uniqueness, especially if the big move is like a scornful situation, so Yasso is picking up It may well be a small redo plan. Although the designer did not say the exact time, it may be one week, two weeks or even a month later depending on the current situation.

Yasso is one of the most controversial heroes in the League of Legends. Its unique gameplay is also heatedly debated by many players, and Yasso's re-do is sure to be very careful, after all, from the current point of view, Re-doing is still a success. I hope Yasso will be the same!

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