Lol Sun Wukong, this hero has attracted Chinese players dissatisfaction? The fist immediately rectified and pleased the country.

Speaking of this Sun Wukong in LOL, this hero does have many stories. Sun Wukong came out after Tencent acquired the fist company. First, in order to open up the mainland market, it was also a meeting for Tencent. The fist company combined the Monkey King in Journey to the story of the League of Legends universe. However, they seem to have problems with the understanding of Sun Wukong's prototype. What is going on?
The fist thinks that Sun Wukong in the Journey to the West worships the master of Tang Dangdang. They think that the character of the master is very important to Sun Wukong, so the fist is in the League of Legends and also find a master for Sun Wukong! That is the Promise Sword Master, because of this setting, caused a strong dissatisfaction of Chinese players!
However, the prototype of Juggernaut is taken from the last samurai, and the jade warrior whose skill name is derived from Star Wars. The head shape of the fly comes from cell division, and some lines come from Warcraft III.
In fact, there are few Chinese characters in LOL. However, LOL's fox is not a Chinese element. It is a legend of the nine-tailed fox from South Korea, and the blind singer is not a Chinese monk.
Therefore, LOL has almost no elements of China. How can it be an apprentice of Juggernaut? How did Dinghai Shenzhen become a Dolan? Chinese players are very angry and feel that such a setting is insulting Chinese traditional culture. After all, the hero of Sun Wukong can be said to be a household name in China, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and a national idol. Even Tencent at the time was quite vocal, so the fist was under pressure and rewrote the story of Sun Wukong.

After changing the version of the background story, Sun Wukong in the League of Legends is not his own, but a avatar of Sun Wukong. After Sun Wukong became a Buddha, he was happy in the heavens.

Sun Wukong's avatar name is: empty, reincarnation became a stone monkey warrior, playing the invincible hand of the monkey, no, is the invincible hand in the animal world.
After the change, Master Yi became a good friend of Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong also helped him spread the Promise. Juggernaut: Sun Wukong is my friend. After seeing who you dare to provoke me, I am also in heaven. So Sun Wukong after changing the background is accepted by the player. After all, the player still quite likes the monkey.

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