LOL foreign players hot discussion 8.11 ADC horror: are all Uzi’s fault

This version of the League of Legends is not chaotic, I believe everyone has their own judgments, not only the recent rankings, even if there are many unpredictable situations in the game.

Many players, analysts, coaches, and commentators are analyzing the current version of 8.11. Many people are curious about what caused the current situation. Today, there is an American player who gives a slightly comical answer. It is Uzi's fault.

The player's original post is as follows:

It's all wrong with Uzi

Uzi is currently the world's strongest ADC, and even for some people he is now the strongest player.

We all think that this year will be Uzi's year, and Uzi will win everything he wants this year.

But the meaning of the fist is: "Oh my brother, if you are really the strongest player in the world, let's put aside the shooter hero and prove yourself."

Can't wait to see what Uzi will do!

Foreign friends reply

JustcallmeDexter: No one really talks about Uzi until now. It's almost time for his crazy show operation, and the result is that he fisted his middle finger in silence.

LordDarthAnger: I think Uzi will "put your mother's fart" and then select the small cannon to win 5 kills in the 1st regiment.

Im_moyo: Do ​​not feel that Uzi, the shooter, will get weaker. This old man used to play in singles.

TheEmaculateSpork: I still remember that it was the year after he first participated in the World Championships. Although he was not impressed by the singles, it seems to be playing well in my memory.

PandoraBot: Uzi seems to have a rest period in the first half of each season. Before seeing Able's Yasso playing, I think this version will not affect RNG.

Business Cashew: It seems that each player who took the championship, their hero will be weakened in the later version, although I know that the fist is not intentional, but this is still a very interesting coincidence.

Wildlamb: I don't think it would be a problem to change the game, but I think the quarterly version of this kind of thing should be controlled and put the big changes into the preseason.

Jacckkko: If you say that ADC's being cut is Uzi's fault, it must be Faker's fault that many times Ryz remade.

Wit040: Although there are indeed some mages and fighters, Izeelir, Kasha, and Lu Zion are still very strong, so there is not much problem for Uzi.

Hugokhf: What I hope to see is that in this version where everyone is playing the road warrior, Uzi continues to adhere to the traditional shooter like the savior of the ADC, and then hits everyone.

Azertherion: This is indeed the case, and now the division with the largest number of traditional ADCs is the LPL, so I think this situation is really likely to happen, wait for a Uzi return!


Jsutia: For me, I was just curious about what kind of choice the Uzi ADC, the world's strongest ADC, would make in a shooter-less version. Of course, whatever choices he made, I would support him.
CelticDK: If this version continues to the finals, then I can only say that Uzi's career is really not lucky.
Xirevoltx: I do not want to see these decisions because of the fist balance team, so that Uzi, Doublelift, Rekkles players lose the opportunity to show themselves in the world.
Luquitaz: S3 and S4 have actually happened in this period. When all the assassins have become unable to play, some people choose to be forced to make changes, and some people choose to give up.
Hitoseijuro: How does this story look like -

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