Lol re-doing hero Urquhart will be strengthened promising to enter the professional arena

Urgat has been on the line for some time. Obviously, after the re-doing, Urquhart is not very strong. At the moment, 137 heroes are winning the game. His professional presence can't be seen. Although the previous designer stated that he would observe the player's performance after he became acquainted with this hero, it is imperative for the current situation of ÖGat to be strengthened.
Urgat will get stronger
Urgat's weakness is not because the hero hurts too much, but it is very sluggish and stiff to operate, and his W skills are not as imaginative as practical. Today (August 14th) there were players in the North American forum asking if the designer Urgat had any plans to strengthen. Designer Riot Repertoir's reply brought some good news. In the next version, Ökathar will be cared for.
“Currently, ÖGat has some adjustments in the next version. It includes the following three aspects: 1. If your W-stun has entered a locked target range, it will be a locking attack for the entire duration of the W skill. That target; 2, E-spell casting delay reduced by approximately 0.35 seconds, casting delay is settled after sprint; 3, R-skill duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds."
These three changes can effectively improve the current core output method of ÖGat's unstable skills, the delay before the E-technical sudden delay changes, and allow the big move to have a greater chance to trigger the blood stasis threshold. After all, the hero himself is not hurting. If blindly strengthening the damage value and bonus, it is easy to overstretch.
RiotRepertoir also added that these changes were made on the 7.17 release and will be added to the test service this week. And the design team considers adding a killing indicator for ÖGat's big move in the near future. That is, there is a visual indicator of the goal of less than 25% of blood volume, which makes Öggat's interesting choice of which goal to use as her own size. Recruit the target, or use the second stroke to kill it immediately if the target is below 25% of the blood. Many players believe that this change will allow Öggart to return to a normal and healthy state. We expect that the league's most fearful executioner will return to the game in version 7.17.

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