LOL’s first 1000-level player is about to be born LOL Liver is about to break through 4 digits

Since the LOL lifted the ceiling of the rating, some LOL players have found a new goal of fighting. Instead of relying on rankings, they have been obsessed with the thrill of upgrading. The first LOL will soon reach 1,000 levels. Player's news, interested buddies come and see it!

And according to this player's trend of 30 big fights each day, it is in these two days that the first player in the history of LOL will be born. When you think about it, when you are still smacking yourself with 200 levels of complacency, others have already exceeded 1000. This is just like repairing immortality. You have only just been promoted to Jianji. People have already completed the preparations for Da Luo Jinxian. Real land gods.

Of course, many people will say that LOL is a competitive game in the end. A high level cannot represent anything. Ultimately, it is still necessary to discuss heroes in terms of rank. Unfortunately, this younger brother who is about to break through the 1,000 level is also the strongest king, worship it, mortals.

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