LOL Designer Talks 8.13 Changes Sword Magic Rework Takes Time

Down the road

We are observing what is going on now, especially the performance of different types of heroes (crit shooters, non-clash shooters, non-shooters). We have seen quite a huge change. Everyone has tried different casts and outfits. However, some heroes are still struggling so far. Next week we should have more relevant ideas and related changes.

If, as everyone said, crit ADCs seem to be in a very bad situation in the current situation and should not be used under any circumstances, we will certainly handle them. Our goal is to make them at least a suitable choice for the next (not necessarily, but must be available). Many people are concerned that these heroes will eventually have no home. I can understand this concern and we are still judging which of the current positions are reasonable. As mentioned above, the next article will have more specific details.

Flag of Command

As you saw in the test suit, we removed the banner of the command, at least in the short to medium term. When this equipment is weak, it has been a useless choice. When it is strong, it is as strong as it is now to affect the overall health of the game. But this does not mean that the equipment will not return to another version in the future, perhaps in the preseason or midseason? But at least there is no plan at the moment.

Millennium W

After the strengthening of the 8.12 millennium, we may return to the W treatment effect in 8.13. Changes are still in the test, so there is no definite thing. The experimental scheme was to remove the creep speed of the creeps and replace them with treatments based on lost health.

While working on W, we will also fix some of the more obvious bugs. The first is that the Wolf Spirit does not correctly demonstrate the visual effects of the attack, which has caused the skill to be very low and difficult to track. Another point is that the attack speed of the Wolf Spirit does not change based on the attack speed of the equipment.

Ghostly Fury Blade

The maximum probability of changes to the sheep knife is 8.13, although we are still deciding on the details. We exchanged opinions internally, what the sheep knife should do, and what it should not do. It is still far from this kind of situation. Therefore, we are discussing whether it should be a first-out large item or a mid-to-late addition to the special effects stream. How many APs does it need to add (does it lead to a significant difference between AP and special effects outflow?) ), How much price should this equipment be in the end?

Some other 8.13 changes

Orn: Continue with 8.12 changes that have not been made.

Ai Xixia: Since endless changes have been made, their skills and crit interactions should also be adjusted.

Kalmar: It looks like she is the hero who needs the most follow-up work in the 8.12 treatment/shield adjustment.

Parker: Did he get enough rewards for exporting output, is he currently overly biased towards tanks and functional equipment? (This is just an open question, not very sure)

Down the road: Continue to evaluate.

Other Heroes: This version will surely have other heroes that will weaken or strengthen. Maybe Teddamir needs to be strengthened and Singh must be weakened.

Q: Is Kalmar's change a change in the mechanism you mentioned earlier, or is it simply a small compensation?

A: Still not sure, we are still discussing whether it is the best time to prioritize her large-scale skill changes. It may also be just to make some ability compensation first, and then adjust the skills later in the year. Once we get a definitive answer, we will let you know that as long as the big changes happen, it will be the same magnitude as the Enchantress and the Poodle this year.

Q: Since the banner of the command has been deleted, do you think that the portal will become the dominant equipment? When it comes to unpopular props, what do you think about the interference crystal?

A: I think there is actually a common problem with the portal and the flag, so I even think if we should also delete it or redo it. There is currently no plan to interfere with Crystal. We have tried to make changes but we have not been able to achieve our goals. We may make some changes in the preseason and it is unlikely that there will be any major adjustments before that.

Q: Are you happy to see soldiers and wizards go down the road?

A: I think there are multiple types of heroes in a position that are beneficial to the diversity of game experience and the depth of strategy. But this can't be extreme. It can't make certain heroes nowhere. This does not mean that the status of those fighters and mage is now balanced and there are enough countermeasures.

Q: You changed your blood hand to an extra AD. This will give Assassins more life-saving ability.

A: This risk is certain. We want to make blood hands open to more users, but if those heroes who focus on harm want to use it in exchange for survivability, they must pay the price for obvious output. We think this equipment should be in a reasonable condition, but we will make adjustments as soon as we need it.

Q: The plane needs love, thank you.

A: He is on the list of possible changes in our next version

Q: How is the Yasuo Fever patch adjusted, and will the CitizenlyT/Stashu make passive changes? Because I heard this rumor.

A: At present, there is no plan. We will give him a new pass. Where is the rumors? At least we are not doing this now (since there are other things to deal with). But with regard to the armor penetration of the big move, I and CertainlyT do have some plans. Because he has too much anti-tank damage in the current version, he lacks crispy skin. We decided to observe his performance afterwards, but these things will certainly be concerned.

Q: What is your opinion on the e-Tariq portfolio?

A: I need to discuss this with others today, but I increasingly doubt whether this is an issue we need to solve as soon as possible. The influence of this routine on the taste and influence of Middle Road is not so high.

Q: Do you have any interaction between critique and crit?

Answer: 8.12 We will fix this bug. After this, the fourth round of bullets like this one will no longer reduce the damage due to earnestness. The rationale is that if this attack would have been a critical crit, the crit damage would not be reduced by earnestness.

Q: Only answer one question to me. Did the sword magic have any notice?

A: Don't think so. If I answered it, wouldn't it be weird to give notice to the notice? I can only say that he has changed a lot. Certainly people will like to hate people. I personally think that he is very interesting to play.

Q: He still has a highly aggressive hero?

A: There is no doubt about this

Q: What color does he have?

A: It's still red. His color doesn't change.

Q: Why is the sword magic delayed for so long?

A: The sword magic has not been postponed. We just mentioned it too early to re-do his news. Of course this is my mistake. In general, in my hero blueprint article, I will not mention it unless the hero is officially in the production phase. But the sword magic that I announced in the 3-5 months before he officially entered the production, I do because I did not expect the sword magic actually needs such a large part of the art changes, I originally thought that do not need to spend too much More time. Now he has basically reached a level with VGU, which has led us to spend a lot of time.

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