The synthesis system of the LOLNA server is also very good. Three garbage can also be combined to create a new skin.

I saw a skin synthesis today. It can be said that I am very angry. Because this synthetic system is not national service. Look at the words above and you will know. It can be said that all the players take are some junk skin, used for synthesis. This is very similar to me. I got some junk skin words from the lottery. It must be used for synthesis. It seems a bit too bad to break down. However, the synthetic skin is basically not some good skin. Occasionally there will be a few relatively good ones.


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If this player is synthesized, I am not surprised with skin like Annie. Because on this server, I often synthesize some skins myself. It is also a little good skin. However, this player actually synthesized three garbage skins. A god of the king's hand skin. This skin national service has just come out, how long? Even how long does this skin full server last? Skin can be used to synthesize. This is too exaggerated! I can't accept this completely. I don't know who made the national costume synthetic?


The skin's special effects in the game are still good. Whether it is used to mock the other party or to play a group battle is very good. Especially at a later stage. You can try to jump five times. This is definitely a very domineering skin. And you can try it and look at the w skills when you are angry. I believe that you will fall in love with this skin because of this special effect. This is a small special effect designed by the fist. It can be used to scare people during the team battle, very fun.

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