Three of America’s most expensive skins, the first to sell for more than 300 US dollars

The three most expensive skins in the United States, the first to sell more than 300 dollars

There are a lot of players in the League of Legends who think that the American skin is cheaper and why Asia is so expensive. It's not that there are many skins in the clothes that are expensive, but their way of thinking is not the same as ours. The most expensive skin in the United States is a large mouth, almost more than 300 US dollars, this skin feel very good, this skin, his appearance and special effects are very good, than other skin strong is not a little bit, this The hero himself is also a more disgusting hero. Since the skin came out, I only let me know my fist. If the designer is happy to design something for you, he will design something for you.
There is also a skin is a card master, blue melancholy card, in fact, this skin is not a very rare skin in Asian servers, and there are many players who do not like this skin, in the Asian server Inside most like the underground world, but this skin is very expensive in the United States, because this is a real skin, only once or a few years ago, it takes a few thousand euros, now If you think about it, you can think about how much money you have, but in Asia, the bottom of the server world was released last year, or half price. However, this hero is not particularly hot now. Few people spend money on this skin.


If EZ is the pro son of the fist, then Anne is the pro-girl. He has a skin that is also more expensive. Hey Anne, this skin feels very good. After this skin big move is thrown out after the special effects are still quite good, and this hero is also a relatively good hero in the League of Legends, whether it is on the line or team battle is very good.


Everyone also knows which hero's skin is more expensive inside. It seems that the robot has a rusted skin that is very expensive in the US but no one in Asia.

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