Lol test clothing on July 6th: Summoner skills transmission weakened

Hero change

July 6th test suit: Summoner skill transmission weakened Picheng policewoman Caitlin

Messenger of Peace (Q)

The total AD bonus is adjusted from 1.3/1.45/1.6/1.75/1.9 to 1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7 of the official service.

Rune change

Greedy Hunter / Spiritual Hunter / Ruthless Hunter / Ultimate Hunter (Dominator 4)

Text description callback to the level of formal service

Summoner skill changes


Cooling time increased from 300 seconds to 360 seconds

[Remove] Return some cooldown when canceled

Designer talk

Q: Do you have any ideas to continue to modify Yatox?

A: After the hot patch was strengthened, Attox performed very well in some cases. He was really weak when he first came out, but we are not going to continue to strengthen our capabilities for the time being. It is worth noting that we may have strengthened enough, and even some aspects may be strengthened too much. We will continue to observe the performance of the next week and re-evaluate.

Q: Before you said that you want to let Q to cool down and adjust the range of Q during the resurrection of Atokas. The hot patch has strengthened the scope of Q. Do you intend to continue the changes of the former?

A: We still consider letting Yatox not cool down during the resurrection of the big move or reset the cooling time after the resurrection. However, this type of change is unlikely to appear in the hot fix, so it may be online at 8.14.

Q: Will the reinforcement of the Master be put on line at 8.14?

A: The Master's changes will still appear in 8.14, perhaps in the PBE later this week, maybe early next week. Since 8.13 to 8.14 have three weeks, we have been paying attention to some other changes. There are no specific details yet, but it is unlikely to return many mana values. We want to avoid strengthening their clearing ability as much as possible.

Q: Conquerors and black cuts are designed for warriors, but the linkage between them is not good.

A: The most likely outcome of your point is to weaken the conqueror. At present, its dominance is too strong.

Q: What is the news of Lisang Zhuo?

A: The passive details of some tests may be shared tomorrow. They are still in an unfinished state, so they are not necessarily online and need to be adjusted.

Q: Will Galen strengthen?

A: We don't think there is a need to strengthen Galen, but at some point in the future it may be very happy to improve his skill.

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