July 14 LOL NA test suit: conqueror talent is weakened

Rune change

Conqueror (Precision Department 1)

Extra AD reduced from 10-35 to 6-35

Designer talk

8.15 version change notice

Annie: We postponed Anne's strengthening at 8.14 and spent more time studying at 8.15. First of all, we are testing at least a little back to the attack distance that Anne once had.

Big Mask: Similarly, the enhancement of the big mask has also moved to 8.15. We are exploring ways to make it suitable for more heroes without the ice stick, but still maintain its linkage with control, the details are to be determined.

Subsequent weakening of the funnel and delivery: Some adjustments may be needed, but we need to first observe the impact of the changes.

Playoff balance: In some areas, the summer playoffs will use version 8.15, so we will have very few changes in this version, and may weaken some heroes who have problems in the game as needed (the playoff version we Pay more attention to the balance of the professional arena than usual.)

Question: Is the conqueror weakened?

A: This version cut 4 points AD in the early stage, depending on the performance afterwards to decide the subsequent adjustment.

Q: What is the opinion of Knife? She is currently in a very bad experience.

A: 8.15 is likely to have some Aria's strengthening, the main goal is to help her on the road. At present, there is still a lot of controversy about how to strengthen and how much to strengthen.

Q: What do you think of Leona?

A: There are no plans at the moment. We were worried that she was too strong because of the mid-season version, but now it seems that this is not the case. Her design is indeed somewhat fragile, and some minor changes can make her become dominant from the weak. But at least there is no need to take any action at the moment.

Q: If Li Sangzhuo is passively implemented, will her skin have special effects?

A: Well, every skin should have different versions of special effects. It is not cool to share a special effect.
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