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Welcome to the second half of the 2018 season for the League of Legends where all positions are reversed and we pretend that the crit is no longer in the game.

In this no-foreseeable version, traditional shooters were almost completely kicked off except Lu Zian, Kasha, and Izeelir, due to the huge weakening of basic data and crit. Most shooters call off the curtain, and almost every other hero stands out instead of them. This includes mages, tanks, reloaders, assassins, duelists, fighters, and Hemeringer.

We experimented with these thoroughly crazy new heroes and then organized the three groups that we thought were the most fun. If you are tired of your position or majoring in heroes, now is a good opportunity to choose one of them.

Wicked Little Mage Vega & Time Keeper Kieran

In general, when you put two bad things together, you won't get any good from it, but Vijay and Kieran seem to be one of them. Both heroes were very weak at the early low level, but they started to hurt when they got one or two pieces of equipment in the middle of the game. However, when they were together, they became much more terrible, and this was entirely due to Vega's "cage."

If Kieran left two bombs side by side, he could cover almost 90% of Vega's "cage," forcing the enemy to go to the bomb or go to the edge of the wall and be stunned. When Vijay dropped another "distorted space" in this [Note: This is supposed to be "dark matter"], it would be even worse for the enemy. If they don't flash, or they have instant shifting skills like Izell, they are destined to be stunned or unable to maintain line pressure due to too much damage. In short, this is a disgusting combination.

Demonstration Giggs & Doommaker Federik

If you watched the competition in the EU last week, you may have seen the combination of Hemerdinger and Federic coming up with Vitality. We have found that Ryan Giggs can solve some of Hemerdinger's obvious problems, but at the same time he is completely annoying. From the very beginning of the game, Ryan Giggs can use Q to send high-speed bursts. The cooldown of this skill is extremely short, but it can cause considerable damage.

Federtik's crows can cause more trouble to the opponent's poke, and his fear is very effective in breaking away from large battles (due to his lack of displacement of the line). Relatively to Heimerdinger, Giggs offered two unique advantages: First, his remote harassment and continuous damage can help his team to maintain high damage later in the game; second, his ability to push towers is strong. This is the biggest short board for the vast majority of non-shooters. In addition, his big move and Federico's perfect cooperation created a terrifying move.

The 8.13 version should be updated next week, but we do not expect (currently) this version to slow down in the short term, so please also let go of your own combination. To be honest, any combination can probably be used because our world is like today.

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