The CD is too long. New hero Parker’s performance in the first week of poor performance

After LOL updated the 8.11 version in the recent days, I believe that many players are very novel about this new-assisted hero, Parker, and many players immediately start to play it, but from the results of many current player feedback, it is not very ideal. It is Parker’s recent ranking performance:

The prohibition rate is as high as 37.45%, second only to the version T1 assisting Mogana, the winning percentage is 45.20%, and the debut rate is 12.48%, but it is currently ranked second to last place in all assisting positions. Most of the players choose to assist in position selection. , followed by playing wild, and finally the single

In fact, the new hero's winning percentage in the first week is not always high, but Parker may be a bit miserable this time. The reason why this may be caused by Parker's heroic mechanism is that Parker does have many Controlling heroes, and who can hide themselves, plus a special reward mechanism for big moves, can make a person well qualified for a professional assistant. However, Parker's only drawback is that all skill CDs are too long, and all skill CDs are average. For more than 10 seconds, ask, if a Q loses, if you don't pull people, then you have to fish for the next 10 seconds.

Offensive Auxiliary Actually, there are many current League of Heroes, such as Hammer Stone, Ngau Tau and the like, but Hammer Stone and Ngau Tau skills CD is absolutely not so long, so many players suggest that the fist can be appropriately reduced the skills of the CD time, People can be less uncomfortable in the line period.

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