The test clothes update the original painting of the dark tide

The vampire's big move can be said to be a major determinant of the team fight. The skin's big stroke special effect will generate a continuous dark blue swirl logo on the local player when it hits the local player. It will detonate after a certain time. Enjoy a visual feast for a five-person vortex explosion while winning a team battle

The special effects of R skills are the favorite of Xiao Bian. When Lu Yue casts R skills, regardless of whether or not the target has passive Q, the Luyue will be turned into a water of light, appearing behind the target like a shadow.
Hero changes
Dark American Sword Magic
Base attack power from 68 to formal service 70
Blood Harbor Ripper Pike
Yongquanzhihen (R)
Base damage increased from 185-620 to 190-655
Extra AD bonus reduced from 1.4 to 0.6
Rock Tits
Stone wear (Q)

[Removal] Casting Stones and Recovering 100% of Mana on the Rockcarver
[Add] Reduces the blue consumption of stone throw on the stone-pile to 1
King of Barbarians
Base attack power from 67 to formal service 69
Equipment changes
Echo can echo
Synthetic route changed to Demonic Code + Blue Crystal + guerrilla's saber/stalker's blade
AP increased from 60 to 70
Shrillia's Rhapsody
Total price increased from 2100 to 2250

Synthetic route changed to burning gems + ether fine + fairy talisman

[Add] +100% base mana regeneration

The only passive:

Speed ​​increase 8% to 5%
The only initiative:
Cooldown increased from 60 to 90 seconds
Rune changes
Fast pace (precision department 1)
Ranged hero's healing effect on creeps reduced from 30% to 20%

Infantry Rejuvenator (Enlightenment 3)
All callbacks to official suit levels
Designer talk
There are more interactive voices of Yatox and heroes than any other heroes
Some of his voice will have new trigger conditions
He will hate Zoe very much.
He is still a hero with no blue bars/no energy bars
He has a unique positioning and reloads the warrior duel

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