8.13 After the sheep blade is weakened, the shooter will become more difficult to play

The 8.13 version of the official patch, although there are a variety of changes in this patch, but overall the impact of most changes is not but, but only a single change immediately caught the attention of players.

Ghostly Fury Blade

The additional attack power passively provided by each layer is reduced from 4% to 2.5%.

The additional spell power provided passively at each level decreases from 4% to 2.5%.

You may have noticed that the current version is not friendly to some traditional shooter heroes. In fact, in the face of emerging roads such as Yasuo, vampires, and big heads, only a part of the shooters can appear.

Among them, Kasha is included in this hero, but Kaza’s strength will be greatly reduced after this sheep knife is weakened. Other affected heroes include angels, juggernaut, old swordsman, and Wei Lu. Sis, but Kasha is definitely the hero who is most affected by this change in the professional arena.

Before weakening, each level passively increased 4% double attack, and after weakening only 2.5%, we can know the gap through some simple calculations:

Assuming that Kasha had a sheep knife, Nash, dead cap, wand, and Zhong Ya at the 18th level (in the current version, according to the statistics, this set is the most popular way of loading), then Kasha will have Spell power around 530, and the passive level of the sheep knife will increase this value to 620 (actually it should be 657, but the sheep's knife will not increase the adaptive AP bonus in actual combat).

However, after the revision, this set of equipment provided a maximum of 563 APs, which means that it lost 60 APs completely. However, this is a huge weakening.

Of course, Kasha becomes very strong when using a sheep knife. When the trigger is full of passive layers, she will passively attach two layers of plasma to each of the sheepskin blades. At least this core mechanism has not changed, but this time After the change, Kasha - especially the later Kasha capacity - will drop significantly.

Maybe players will find out through the study that they will find other ways of loading, such as considering crit speeds or destroying the props of the king's blade. Perhaps AP Kasha will have other options.

Although Kasha is really strong, it does have the need to weaken, but we are concerned that this action of the fist will further reduce the choice of the shooter's choice, and even before the fist promised to improve the performance of the shooter, then they What kind of solution is prepared? Let us wait and see.

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