Aviator Irelia Skin Review

Wonder how to get Aviator Irelia skin?

Irelia's dresses as an aviator and her weapon resembles propeller's blades.

  • Skin Score:        520
  • Price:        520 RP
  • Category:         Regular
  • Champion:        Irelia
  • Model:     Major model changes for Irelia plus new model for her blades and Mantle of Decorum.
  • Particles: No new particles.
  • Animations:     No new animations.
  • Sounds:    No new sounds.
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Splash art for Aviator Irelia from Chinese game client, also used in other client localizations since July 2014.



Aviator Irelia doesn't disappoint but it doesn't aim for much in the first place.

That doesn't mean it's a bad skin, because it offers a whole new and refreshing take on Irelia.

However, an Aviator with no six aircraft does not seem to fit into a magical battlefield.

The Aviator concept is well adapted to the Irelia, but it feels more like adaptation, rather than a natural result.

If you want a fresh style, the Aviator Irelia will be available, but some people may feel a little uncomfortable. The Aviator Irelia may not appeal to everyone, but if you want something original and reasonably priced, it does.




Seeing Irelia frolicking in the mountains differs from the norm and is a welcome exception.

The problem is that the background is unnecessarily foggy so that the tree, grass and mountains make an abstract setting.

Fortunately, Irelia does look good with bright colours and reasonable detail.

The depiction is a bit too vivid and cartoon-like with regards to what one sees in-game but the result is good.

Therefore, while it isn't an impressive splash art it's certainly a fine spotlight for Irelia.

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