Order of the Lotus Irelia Skin Review

Irelia as a lotus warrior.

  • Skin Score:        750
  • Price:        750 RP
  • Category:         Regular
  • Champion:        Irelia
  • Model:     New model for Irelia, her blades and Mantle of Decorum.
  • Particles: New particles for Transcendent Blades.
  • Animations:     No new animations.
  • Sounds:    No new sounds.
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Standing between priestess and martial artist Order of the Lotus Irelia manages an attractive appearance that draws from Ionian mysticism; which is quite fitting.

The clothing has a ceremonial style, with golden decorations, but it is still practical and appropriate for a skilled warrior.

Her blades and decorations also show a gorgeous decorative design, but the blades look beautiful and have no unnecessary decoration.

Generally speaking, there are a lot of decorations to attract eyeballs, but they do not violate the function of each element.

Even the transcendent blades can be modified to keep the skin consistent in all areas.

This creates a very cohesive skin, which may reveal that its subject is too shallow.

In any case, the effect is good, so the aspect is believable and appealing.

For fans of Irelia and fighting mystics this is a nice skin.

The theme could've been more developed; perhaps reaching a higher price.

Nevertheless, it stands tall among her skins as a humble but interesting choice.



A lotus flower floats on a lake where the reflection of Irelia can be seen.

Irelia trains by the lake side but the vision of a temple behind her would've given a much welcome context to the displayed action.

If there is no proper setting, you have to guess. The description of Irelia is quite good.

The lines are clear and pastel, though a little too saturated to reflect.

However, one can well understand the order of her lotus suit and her blade.

The water ripples are a nice touch but the reflection is not very convincing as such.

Besides, her face doesn't look like her usual self: it seems like a different person.

An idea could be to have a ripple effect right over her crystalline reflection to add depth to the depiction; perhaps extending one of the present ones. Considering everything, this is a striking piece of art, and its composition is interesting, not as good as it might have been.

In any case, the description of Irelia is effective and attractive, so it is a good splash art.

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