Infiltrator Irelia Skin Review

Irella wears full cybernetic armor for a futuristic cyberpunk world.


Infiltrator Irelia is a disappointment, especially considering the impressive splash art that represents it.

The intricacies of the armor looked dull and uninteresting.

Even the blades are simpler to design; Not to mention her hairstyle is the same as the classic Irelia.

If we ignore the splash art set high standards, so the pattern of itself is not particularly exciting: it doesn't have to achieve network punk's point of view, also do not have visual impact.

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You can think that the art of splashing is misleading, or a less successful model; Either way, the infiltrator, the Irelia, is a disappointment.



The splash art is very interesting showing Irelia dashing over a minimalistic background surrounded by her blades.

The simplicity of the background effectively reinforces the elaborate work on Irelia's armor.

No part of it lacks etchings and all plates are fully engraved.

The use of illumination, using the hand of Irelia as a light source, provides reflections on her armor.

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