Nightblade Irelia Skin Review

Irelia dresses in a tight suit resembling a kunoichi.

  • Skin Score:        520
  • Price:        520 RP
  • Category:           Regular
  • Champion:        Irelia
  • Model:    Major model changes for Irelia plus new textures for her blades and Mantle of Decorum.
  • Particles:         No new particles.
  • Animations:     No new animations.
  • Sounds:    No new sounds.
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Nightblade Irelia is a skin with a modest amount of work but a good execution.

While Irelia's weapon only receives a re-texture, as well as her hair, but the suit was well conceived and detailed.

Still, a look closer to the one depicted in the splash art, where the suit is black and red, would've helped highlight the suit's complexity and make it look more dynamic.

All in all, the skin is quite good: it presents well an unoriginal but logical concept for Irelia.

If you like Ionian ninjas, then Nightblade Irelia is an affordable and recommended skin.

The splash art is similar to the Assassin's Creed 2 cover, both Ezio and Irelia bearing the hidden blade on both of their arms and making the same stance.

Her design is strikingly similar to Silverfang Akali.



In fact, we only left a framework for the Irelia.

It is no exaggeration to say that Irelia stands alone in nothingness.

However, the light was overused, and it looked as if she was standing in front of multiple lights, not bathed in moonlight.

In addition, compared with her image in the game, this suit looks sexy, and her blade is too gorgeous. This means that the splash art surely catches the eye but what it shows has to be taken with a grain of salt.

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