LOL NA server hits the wild fault era, looking for opportunities to become mainstream in the wilderness area

Recently, the world's faults in the wild have become a hot topic for netizens. The fact is true. There are heirs in any position, but there is no wilderness. Let's take a look at the current rankings of the wild powers.

The captain of the old captain Score, in a certain sense, also symbolizes the overall demise of playing the wild position. Knowing that Score is also known, as a "Han factory", his strength is widely criticized by netizens, basically only playing the downwind bureau, off The chain is not less than the pilot, and the level is not necessarily high. One kick and four formations of the Galaxy battleship, last year can not enter the S race, I am afraid this year is also cool. "No tigers in the mountains, monkeys dominate the king" is probably the status quo of the current wild pattern.

1. In the two major divisions, the situation of training in the wild is ended without results.

LPL: The wild emperor faces retiring, the Mesozoic only has MLXG to support, and the new generation is at the highest level.

Karsa is a player trained by LMS. S5 is already a worldwide player and is not included in the discussion. Once the LPL three wild kings, condi completely removed, the factory director faces retiring, only the state of the incense pot is still good. To be honest, the LPL whole pull-through, the real can be said to be the face of the game is really few, plus Spider-Man Lucky and the dog-headed military loveling, the whole calculation is out of five wild. Condi and Mlxg are famous in S5. After they are playing LPL, they are basically unbearable. LPL has not played wild in three years.

LCK: In the golden age of OGN, only Sprint is still a battle, Peanut becomes the last superstar in the LCK field.

South Korea’s wilderness era is gone, retreating, fishing, and LCK’s current face is actually a “transfer” player who debuted at S2, showing how uncompetitive the wild area is.

Second, the position of the wilderness is not easy to produce talents, which is related to its own particularity.


Different from other positions, playing the wild position requires more experience as a precipitation. This is why the factory manager, the old captain, and the Anzhangmen can arrange the game. The overall situation and judgment of the game is not short. Time can be exercised. I believe that there is no new person who dares to say "the second level will catch him." Newcomers want to fight for fame and fame, they can only rely on operations, but today, the game is becoming more rigorous. It is undoubtedly a dream to play the role of Rank. This kind of thing is not done by Peanut and MXLG. They all rely on consciousness to eat, even if the S4 dandy has to dance under the Samsung system.
Third, the decline of the wilderness, so that the previous game became lacking

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer high-quality matchups. I don’t see the contradictory teachings of Bengi and the factory manager. I don’t see the operation of Insec and Kakao, or the brushless game, the safety of the previous period. Or it is the headless green gank, one person to support the three way. It is true that LPL has the potential to play the role of Xionghuang (XX), and LCK has also appeared as a superstar such as Tarzan (Griffin), but they are still far from the top of the road.
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