LOL: Several heroes of the first group that can kill the group. The first is a bald head. The third dead is even more powerful.

Before each round of the game, a lot of players motionless is when five people hold each other and face each other. They gather in the river below the map. The bolder ones start to invade the enemy wild areas, looking for the singles, and then burst into a first-level regiment. It is very common to play a level of group also has a great influence on the progress of the game, in the Penguin live broadcast of crisp to give everyone recommended a few first-class regiment invincible hero.

Thain was not as useful as he was when he was alive. Thain, after being killed, would return light for a while, and his attack would become super-fast, gaining 100% life stealing, and each attack would cause extra. The physical damage equivalent to 10% of the target's maximum health value, crispy directly to say that everyone can imagine the destructive power of Thain when the first group of people is a melee.

Titan can be said to be the most controlled hero. At first level, he can have two controls. He can use Q to come up with an enemy hero and start a group. His passive will cause additional physical damage to the target and limit his life. Goal, it can be said that the first team can control all the people with teammates and kill, Crisp believes that this hero control is too BUG

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