LOL US service version 8.11 polar chaos changes to join the hero’s bench

LOL US service version 8.11 polar chaos changes list, join the hero's bench. The version 8.11 of LOL Apparel will be launched tomorrow, and the polar game mode will see dramatic changes.
The magnitude of this change is large, but it can be roughly divided into two categories. The first type of change is a permanent change. The second category is temporary changes, which are mainly test-type changes prepared for the Bill Guevatt activities.

The temporary changes mentioned here are for testing purposes only, not the usual version changes. If the acceptance is high, the fist company may post these changes with future patches.

The impact of permanent changes on the game can not be underestimated. When the hero of the new version of the polar chaos chooses a hero, whenever a teammate throws a dice, the hero who is changed will enter the “substitute seat” and the teammate can freely exchange with the hero in the “substitute seat”.

This may not seem as important, but it is indeed a good change because the change can improve the relationship between teammates before the game starts. For example, if your teammate comes randomly to your favorite hero the next time, but he throws a dice and replaces the hero, then you will not blame the teammate as before, because you can completely In the bench, the hero who was replaced by his teammate was selected.
In the selection of heroes, another change is to expand the pool of free heroes. The new chaos bucket free hero pool extends from the original current free hero to all the free heroes in the previous three rounds. This is a big change, not only because it offers more choices, it also has an impact on accounts that only play in the polar battles, because some accountants deliberately buy only those that can win big matches. Kill the heroes of the Quartet in the chaos, and the probability that they will select these heroes will decrease when they expand the hero pool.

At the same time, there are many in-game changes. For example, the introduction of the base gate, after the start of the chaos, there will be a base gate, similar to the summoner canyon, so that those players who read too slowly will not miss the pre-game battle. In addition, the surrender time has also been changed. The early surrender time is 8 minutes, and the regular vote surrender time is 12 minutes.

In the last in-game change, you will now rise to level 4 faster than before, so that the pace of the game will be even more gradual, and group battles will come even earlier. In addition, it is no longer a difficult task to obtain an S rating under the new version. For a long time, the polar chaos has been criticized and it is difficult to obtain an S rating.

Of all the temporary changes, the most influential ones are the introduction of new assassin equipment and changes to medical kits. The new equipment is mainly to give the Assassins heroes a stronger ability to survive, and help them to harass or kill ADCs and ranged mages, without wasting the summoner skills and even being counter-killed. If these equipments are permanently on the line, it will undoubtedly greatly affect the gameplay of the chaos.

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