Choosing Best Champions for Each Position of League of Legends

Do you want to be a pro in LoL? This multiplayer online battle arena game has rapidly gained popularity; hence, it is among the most played games in the world. This is an addictive game in which everyone wants to a be professional. Most of the gamers, improve their rank to create a great impression in front of their friends. One of the best ways to be a champion in the game is by choosing the right character for each position. In this article, we have listed the best champions for various positions.

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Have a look at the best characters for each position of League of Legends.


One of the champions to play with is Vladimir. This character is perfect for a mid-lane position and is a popular choice among the gamers. He is a very powerful and strong character who can become a threat to the enemies. His ability to cause huge amounts of damage making it challenging to take him down. When you combine his Sanguine pool with the hourglass of Zhonya, he can be unbeatable. This is why he is perfect for a team fight.


Another champion that you must play with is Irelia. She is a dominant character in the LoL because of her utility and damage potential. What makes her special is Trinity Force, thanks to this, she can outduel most of the champions. The Trinity Force provides her large power, making her more powerful. This makes her Equilibrium Strike better as it offers a strong CC, this enables her to win the duels. Moreover, it improves her Bladesurge that increases her mobility. It makes her best suitable for the top lane position.


Lucian is one of the champions that has been a strong character in the bot lane. He is a top choice because of his ability to handle plenty of damage. With the combination of his ability, Lucian is a great pick for ADC position. He can make tough trades and dash in well. He has a multipurpose kit that can home in handy during the fights. This gives him the ability to perform reliably because of his spell-based kit. With this, he is the perfect champion for this position.


One of the best players for the Jungle is Rek’Sai. She has a wide range of kit that makes her more powerful in team fights. She is a good champion that becomes potent force later in the game. The Void Rush is a great ability that makes her perfect for maintaining a presence throughout the map. She is able to survive easily in the jungle because of her passive and quick speed. Moreover, she has a wonderful vision through her Tremor Sense and is able to control the crowd.


Janna is an amazing player for a Support position. She has a versatile kit that will enable you to correct the mistakes of your other team members. Her kit enables here to avoid tricky situations and stay in danger. Janna can be a great laner when combined with certain champions.

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