Lol professional players attacked the latest wild area changes: delete wild play

LolStvicious: I would have liked not to sleep at first to see the final game of the quarter-finals. As a result I wake up not only TL lost, but also the fist kills the wild. What a good day!

Amazinglol: From now on, I have to make changes every time the area, they have the ability to toss coins to determine the designer's future career path. I feel so good.

Amazinglol: It is now time to change the wilderness area to change the wilderness area. I don't know where it's going to go wrong. At least give professional players a face. Let's discuss the next changes, even if you are designing for most players.

Dardochlol: At least the experience of the creeps will grow. When the heroes on the line are strong enough to hit my wildness, these creeps will certainly shine for them.

Dardochlol: Before it was hard, when I was playing the game, everyone had to record the buff refresh time in the chat and then remember the time to invade the head. Now when the canyon is refreshed, all the players will know where it will appear.

Dardoch: I deleted the wild area.

LoLTarzaned: 8.10's wild zone changes are simply a glimpse.

Flaxxish: This shows a lot when the balance team thinks that changing the 7% movement speed to a 10% cooling reduction is an enhancement to the AP playing field.

Flaxxish: All wilderness players, welcome to bring me with the shield of the Holy Shield to help me, so that we have become a pair of new ways.

Dardochlol: It's past time to cleverly fight wilderness and anti-wildness. You have chosen two strong heroes and you've come to a wave of scramble for Swift Crab!

Santorin: Wow, it looks so fun... The third level kills the opposite side and hits the field. The opposite side plays 3 levels. I'm 5th level, but the opposite is the advantage. So the opposite side beats the field and takes 3 Swift Crabs ( If all three are brushing, it's better than me to fight across the field:)

Brokenshard: Now that I'm playing Nuno, I've really evolved into the ultimate wild zone version.

LoLTarzaned: It's funny to see that the wilderness is lower than the assisting rank.

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